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Quality may be defined as 'fitness for purpose' and requires a context and a means of measurement. Our teachers are not only knowledge providers rather they are facilitators and co-learners. We empower our teachers continuously with comprehensive training to improve their performance to make the school more efficient and effective so as to fulfil the need of 21st century learners, the teachers are well informed with a sound understanding of the national and international curricula as they phase in. At Kunwar's Global, teachers are passionate to motivate the students in gearing them positively and they are willing to teach them to 'think out of the box'. We lay more emphasis on the teachers who can understand the thinking, difficulties, dispositions and interests of the learners. Our teachers believe in experimental and student - centric learning. They are capable to facilitate and foster contextual learning bridging various disciplines and curriculum areas with real time experiences. We provide Comprehensive support to our teachers that include face-to-face and online training information in regards to curriculum framework, teacher guides, lists of resources and a secure support site.


Kunwar's Global School has a well equipped library with a large selection of books, including works of fiction and non-fiction, magazines, periodicals, newspapers etc. Library has the facility of online search, access to internet and e-mail etc.

Career Counselling

Kunwar's Global Counselling service helps students deal with personal, career and educational concerns. Individual personal counselling is available throughout the year. Career exploration groups and specialized workshops are also offered during the academic year.
Kunwar's Global is staffed by professional counsellor available to any student enrolled at the college. Our role is to help students attain their personal goals in the areas of career, educational, social and personal development. We are here to listen to our students' concerns and to help them develop insight and strategies to stay motivated and focused on their goals.
" Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world "

----- Nelson Mandela -----
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