Alfred Lord Tennyson - "Old order changeth, yielding place to new". Welcome to Kunwar's Global School, a school that believes that "Great changes in the destiny of a mankind can be affected only in the minds of little children". In this competitive world, no amount of effort is sufficient, there is always something more to achieve. The desires, ambition, passions are unlimited. We need to hone our potential and deliver it at its best with the time and situation. Abraham Lincoln wonderfully said "Whatever You are, Be a Good One". I firmly believe that the success of a school is directly proportional to the happiness quotient of its stakeholders. I would prefer Kunwar's Global School to be called a home of happy students and staff rather than being identified only with the success stories of a few individuals. We will all work with unbridled enthusiasm if we collectively create an environment where unnecessary pressure and stress do not impede our progress. We are a team of learners, working together to enlighten the young minds that are wrapped in dreams. Children are a bundle of talents, we help them untie the ribbion. We aim at making our students market - ready, unmasking to the world their capacity of hardwork and boundless knowledge. The seeds of discipline that are sown in the hearts and minds of our students, help them to germinate into the torch-bearers of tomorrow as people who are accustomed to success. The inhabitants of Kunwar's Global School are fortunate to be living in an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and an all round growth. While academics form the core of our curricular structure here, the importance of sports and other activities is never undermined. The school provides new vistas of growth where children can bloom and exploit their individual potential in myriad ways. As the instructional leader of Kunwar's Global School, I have great moral, ethical, and legal obligations where all students can achieve their full potential and receive an equal opportunity to succeed in society. I come to Kunwar's Global School with a dream to place it among the top schools globally. This dream can only come true if I succeed in inculcating the Learners Attribute of Values, attitudes, motivation, empathy, knowledge and skills in each of my students through a strong team of teachers. I seek blessings and support of all the stakeholders in accomplishing the vision and the mission of Kunwar's Global School.

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